Monday, August 31, 2009

Loft floor

A few more photos of the loft beams, plus the loft floor. Actually what is shown will be the ceiling (3/4" T&G pine). It's pretty bendy (on 3' centers), so we'll have 1/2" ply glued and nailed on top, and then finish with 3/4" VG fir flooring. The original plan was to use 2x6 T&G ("car decking"), but the material available on-island was not very nice, and we have lots of the pine (it will be used for the ceiling throughout the house).

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Loft beams go up

Work has finally switched from rough carpentry to things that will show. Last year's insane work week (during which we raised the walls) didn't scare Bart off, and he, Barbie, Brian and Alison came up for about 10 days, during which we put up the beams for the loft, and installed a set of pre-hung French doors.

Cutting a beam.

The human drill press in action.

Sighting the hole.

Bolting on a custom bracket, made by Bart.

Another beam goes in. ... Bart looks a little short!

Beams and a post.

A little R and R .

One of the bridge washers we used on the beams.